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"I look at the night, and it doesn't seem so lonely. We fill it up with only two..." - Life Isn't Poetry [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Cliché Tale

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"I look at the night, and it doesn't seem so lonely. We fill it up with only two..." [Jul. 5th, 2005|11:08 pm]
A Cliché Tale


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OK, I was looking for where Camden might be and where the blacks/paxtons/lawfords could live during the year, so I got on mapquest, and I was looking at possibliities. I think the best possibility for Camden is to situate it just outside of Greenwich, CT. If you've ever driven through Greenwich, you know what I mean...but if you haven't... This is the homepage of the town of greenwich, exactly 47 minutes outside of New York City, and oh so quaint I mean, they have a goddamn 'bicycle master plan' and a 'goose management program.' Could anything be more appropriate for Camden? As for the paxtons/lawfords/blacks, we need something about a half hour from greenwich and about an hour and a half from NYC I figure. James goes into the city rather rarely nowadays, and I figure that his firm has a CT office that he usually works in. We also presumably need an area thats not as ritzy everywhere as good old Greenwich. So, I looked up some more...

Top 2 Possibilities:

Name: New Haven

Distance From Camden: 59 minutes (this way Morgan can drop by and see mace during the year if she so chooses)

 Distance from NYC: 1 hour, 42 minutes

Climate/Environment: Has regular bus service to NYC, and to far western CT. where Camden would be located small city/college town, rather liberal but retains that certain blueblooded, stick-up-the-ass, Connecticut (New England in general...) charm that we all know and love so much. as for housing prospects, this is what the site had to say: Residential living in New Haven is characterized by variety. The city offers housing that ranges from spacious historic mansions and brownstones filled with character (Lawfords...) to modern high-rise apartment towers, condos and residential conversions in former commercial buildings. Surrounding New Haven are bucolic suburbs steeped with classic New England charm (Paxtons...). Here, families will find restored older homes in downtown settings(Blacks...) as well as spacious single-family houses in recently built subdivisions.

Name Trumbull

Distance from Camden 43 Minutes

Distance from NYC: 1 hour, 27 minutes

Climate/Environment: Metro access to NYC, and to western CT. Definitely smaller, and more quaint than New Haven, and its def less likely that the governer would live there...also less likely that the blacks  or paxtons would. Very high class, but gosh darn if it doesn't have a darling slide show on its website. Plus, closer to Camden in the long haul. Idyllic, peaceful, and probably has no black people. Seriously, like, preppier than barrington. The fantasy land of Trumbull